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Do you need the latest Saree captions, quotes, status, and poem collections for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest? Here you will find saree related all captions ideas.


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About saree:
With the change of era, the use of pants shirts has also increased in India. But saree has kept its place unchanged till now. There is a saying about women in India. And we hear and see this word in people’s mouths, in advertisements on TV channels, and in various media. The word is ‘saree means woman’.

Also if we study Śāṛi in more detail we will see that sari has been in vogue since ancient times. When we talk about Draupadi, Sita then we can know the greatness of the sari.

Love Caption on saree for Instagram

1. The day I first saw you in a sari. Oh, what can I say! My mind is happy with your two eyes.


2. You look pretty good after wearing a saree. As like You are the light of the dark night and the Shining of the full moon night.

3. Beauty, you are a magician Queen of my mind. Alta red saree is yours, like honey night.

4. The peacock limbs of the mind make your waves as if the colors speak. Your smile falls like a red rose. You look much more beautiful in a sari.

5. The sky is adorned with a happy light,
Who gave me a touch of color in my mind!
In this gloomy air, in the moonlight,
To lose yourself, on this green earth.
To show you in a pink saree,
I can’t hold myself anymore.
Seems to carry the fragrance,
As if the melody of the fountain is secretly falling.
When I lost to put the unknown good
This mind is apathetic in the blink of an eye.
Today the wings match the Moonlight,
My heart wants you why don’t you understand that?

Beautiful saree quotes status for girls

“When you are dressed in a yellow saree in the evening.
Then my mind became whimsical with your mind-blowing smile.
I saw the evening stars trembling in the swinging hut.
Opening the hem of your saree in the soft air,
I think it’s a moonlit night
Sometimes I make mistakes.”

“Blue sari is your sky kiss, legs filled with paint,
Flower tender heart is yours, Bright skin color.”

“Suddenly spring came in the rain,
All the dreams fell at that time.
In the shadow of the unknown intoxication,
I was shocked to see you in a colorful saree.
I’m here, you’re there
Yet your touch is like a fly.”

“Your name is written in this heart
I’m only yours forever
Day and night I think of you
My lonely time has passed
You weren’t there so there was no hope
There was only accumulated pain in this heart.
When I saw you in a blue saree
I have decorated my lonely world with it.”

“With a piece of moonlight
He has drawn you in such a way,
His is no comparison.
Moon in the swing of the clouds,
Makes the melody of the fountain fall.
When you wear a sari,
I think all this is insignificant to you.”

Traditional facebook saree quotes

#mom’s saree quotes

⚫ Mother’s affection, love, Compassion, from the smallest to the largest, “The hem of the saree” has played an essential role for ages, which will never end.

⚫ Saree is the only unchanged garment in the world, for which no alternative has been noticed yet.

⚫ Shari is worn in various poses, As a result, the woman wearing the saree looks different.

Outfit Saree captions for Fb



“Kajal eyes are my eyes bird
Now the two wings will match
The eyes said to the cloud
What can I compare to you?
The eyes then become Kajal
When I want to lift my eyes once.”

  • Have you ever thought of seeing me?
    Once the mind can be given.
    What I say in secret,
    Those words bloom like flowers in the garden.
    I touch you in my mind
    Everything is washed away in the light
    Are you ever looking for me to feel
    In the south wind of spring
    I’m just think
    When will I go to your house?
    After wearing a red Banarasi saree.
  • Mountain dream with twinkle bright blue eyes
    The sky soaks the fall of the sari
    Whenever I see you
    Waves rose in the chest
    All the words of the heart are as if stunned.

“Gold Necklace around the neck,
earrings in the ears,
and henna in the hand.
After the red color saree will be my wedding.”

Self Love Status Caption

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