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Are you searching for a love poem, SMS, status, quotes? With the help of which you are thinking of making your loved ones happy! Here you will find the solution to your thoughts about love.

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True Love Romantic Emotional SMS in English Font

The day goes well when talking to you. You are the resplendence of my life and the light of the night. I write many poems thinking about you. I only see you in the book of mind and the pages of memory.

Across the borders of known cities. We will both get lost in an unknown country. None of us will know. Yet there will be crowds of people on both sides. We will have a small house at the end of town. There, you and I will be happy just in love.

After crossing many seas, I came to the beach today. Suddenly I stopped, and in falling love with you. Where will I take the love story today? Where did I go? I will get much closer to you.

True Love Romantic Status

Love is formed when eyes meet eyes
And when two minds are one,
Then a heart is formed.

With the melody in nightingale’s voice, spring has come. The world is adorned with new flowers. The heart has received its fullness today. As soon as I saw that scene, my mind is dancing. The heart does not want to be obstructed in a closed room. The mind always wants to fly. I want to see the world go round. What kind of outfit is everywhere in the tune of spring?

Talk in the eyes, a smile on the face. The mind just love says. When time passes, it never comes back. History Then quietly stood up and come slowly.

Most touching charming text love messages

Today you are a boatman, and I am your partner. Let the sky be bright, In the light of the moon and the sun. The cornea of the two eyes takes the light of dawn today. Let perfection to be a flower with deep affection.

I feel the swing of love,
It’s not just saying, I love you.
True love has come to my mind.
No, it is not a game of false love.
You come to my mind again and again.
I’m just crazy about your dreams.

In this world of sphere puzzle. There is happiness as opposed to sorrow. The mind still wants to love, The mind is swept away in the blue dream. In this promise of seeking and receiving. The mind wants to get in love with you. Love will bring, the dream is the morning of happiness. We will walk the path together, holding hands.

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In life and death, I just want you to be with me.
I will give you love with an open heart.
I have no one else without you
I want to live in your love
A thousand dreams have awakened in my heart after receiving you
The air of love is burning in the corner of the mind.

I want, Let the light of glow-worm shines in my room. And let the sun go down in the middle of the day. I want to let people speak the language of birds. And the smiles of flowers sway in people’s faces.

I gave you my heart to take care of it.
Keep in mind what I dreamed.
If you ever look back, I’m not
I will stay in your mind that day

Deep love quotes that make you think

With the gentle touch of your love, I dream of happiness. I find you again and again in the courtyard of the mind. If you are by my side, I will float away in the land of clouds. I will spread the rainbow color in the blue sky of your mind. The lamp of light will shine in the darkness of your house. I will see you in that light with my two eyes.

This little mind occasionally writes letters of affection to the eyes. If you want to understand the secret language, you have to keep an eye on it. By making eye contact, I will take away your mind without speaking. In return, I will put my heart in your hands.

Don’t you understand! Why are we going to come to this earth again and again under the sky? People love people and to reconcile the heart with the heart.

I’ll keep an eye on you and exchange minds. You and I will be effortlessly lost in the blue. My birth and come to this world only for you. I want to Destroy you with all the love in my heart.

In the secret language of your eyes
My poetry comes back to life
Do you know that?
Spread the scent of roses
Filling your voice with affection
Bring love with the fullness

I forgot the smile of the moon seeing your smile. Because he stole that smile from your smile. The colors of twilight, like the outpouring of love. That color has been painted in the color of your mind. Rain clouds are like washing the kajal of the eyes. It’s black because it’s the touch of your eye.

Cute love status in English

Tell me how long time we will spend like this? I don’t know when you will be my life partner. I will conquer you with my love. I will float you in the tide of happy love.

See how exciting the garden is. Other birds forget their songs for the cuckoo’s melody.

All my madness around you. You are precious to me no matter what people say. The sun is still shining because I will get you. Rhythm arises from the wind as the moon speaks. Floating colorful dreams on the shores of two eyes.

One sky story was stored in my mind
It sounds like a melody in love with your touch
At the end of the path, two eyes draw dreams
In the crowd of thousands when you called silent

Everything looks good whatever I seeing. You have lit the light of hope in my dark heart.

The wind is humming on the leaves of the tree. And the intoxication of love awakens the lost feelings. I will watch all day with two eyes. The sweet smile on your lips.

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I still remember seeing you for the first time. I didn’t understand that love came to my house in disguise. Now the day after night passes and time just shows a dream.

If you can’t see the mind, then those eyes are not your eyes.
If there is no mind in the eyes, then that the mind is not your mind.
If it does not go to the distant sea, then that is not a river.
If you don’t understand love, dear! it’s not the heart

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