123 I Love you sweet Messages for him her girlfriend boyfriend wife husband

You will find it here, the best new sweet message about I love you. With these messages, you can easily make your loved ones happier.

Sweet I love you messages for him her girlfriend boyfriend wife husband

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101. Sometimes meet a lot of people on the way. No one is more beautiful than you. Whatever I wanted in my life. I got more than that by loving you.

102. I saw the two eyelids. There were a lot of talks hidden in the gentle obsession. In the corner of the sweet lips half ashamed. There was a little smile spread on the rose flower.

103. As much as the mind wanted. Those are all made with imagination. Dreams come true today, and love is caught. Your gold ornaments in the eyes full of affection. I found the family of love in my heart.

104. You are my night dream and evening star. I feel empty without you in this world. You are the light of my dawn, the shadow of the bright sun. You embrace me and increase the illusion of love.


105. I wrote down the words I didn’t say. I gave you my first love letter. I wanted to express the Lōvē of my heart. I could not arrange the language of that mind in my mouth.

106. I never thought of it before. The storm of love will rise in the heart. My wishes will fall like rain. So there is no respite from thinking today.

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107. How many flowers are bloom and take on different forms. I have seen more forms in you than that.

108. All those good moments were stored in my heart. Everything became love today. Today I started walking anew. New hope awakens in my mind.

109. I left a letter, dear, in your name. I spread a little smell in this colorful envelope. I wrote in familiar letters, the secret of the mind. Read my heart’s desire when you have time.

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110. The moon today fills the earth with your light. Today love will be tied with her obsession. The lost bird will forget the path and turn into love. He will find the address of the light by finding the lost partner.

111. Wherever you go, you will find me right there. This is a world full of love. Just need to find out.

112. When your words make the rhythm, the heart thinks. At that time the sun rises in the dark, like a new day. Seeing you with two eyes, Then the mind becomes feel better. My broken heart then fills with moonlight, like the light of the sun.

113. Bargaining for love, Those people will not have in their heart. That will be my forever friend in need. Whom I can tell all the words of the mind. I want to give this love to him only.

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114. The mind doesn’t mean without you. Even if I want to explain, He doesn’t understand at all. I know you don’t know me. Love does not want to obey the ban at all.

115. Whenever I think of you. I am disturbed by unknown emotions. Two eyes stay awake at night. Just false excuses for not being able to sleep.

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116. With a lot of caresses, I will keep you on my chest. I will mix colors on a cloudy day, With the joys and sorrows of life. With you in the boat of happiness, I will build a house of joy. I’ll keep you as my eternal companion. I will never let you be unknown.

117. No matter how far away I will be, I’ll just think about you. If I could ever get closer. On that day, the petals of love will spread. I have built a house of happiness in the hope, there is only love in that house.

118. You are just a bird of my soul. Your two eyes are floating on the canvas of the mind. Time does not pass without you, my soul is desperate. You are the best of all my loved ones.

119. My heart has fallen in love with you. I think of you in an enchanted dream secretly. When will you be my eternal companion in this life?. I hear the sound of your coming in the south wind.

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120. My sleepless night is cut short by your dreams. Touch something with those two hands of yours.

121. You are my love you are my life. You are my night dream full of happiness. I am yours, and you are my very loyal.

122. Just sitting and writing a letter. I write the same thing, when will I see you. Just my heart thinks of you. When will you be the queen of my heart?

123. The first conversation after a sudden visit. It is from the identity that the mind is taken. Then love began.

124. You are the fountain of spring. You give electricity to the storm clouds. You come and match the rhythm of all the pain. In the lonely afternoons of despair, you Spread the smell of happiness.

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