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Self love status caption

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Self-love Caption For Instagram and WhatsApp

Love comes with the call of the heart. In the way of infinity, His happiness and sorrow are constantly increasing and decreasing. The journey to his joy, The harp of the heart rumbles. Repeatedly paints the meaning of the world melody. Love is a form of eternal bliss. Which will never end,

Everything about you makes me feel loved, It seems like a thousand years to hide a moment, At first I didn’t think much Every step of life you need.

The mind wants to get lost in the world of imagination. I want to dream with your head on your lap. You do me so much good, Writing my name in your mind.

Sometimes you come to me and see how much I love you. Thus love from afar is not possible. Love can be understood from afar but cannot be felt.

There is no end to my love. There is no one else in my heart except you. I want to be a rose in your flower garden. If you can, give me a place in your mind.

I Wanting to love you It’s my simplicity, Saying I love you is my weakness. Why don’t you understand my silence, Why do you have to say I love you so much.

Time is sweet when you are very close to me. Hope gets language when you decorate yourself.

I’ll never say it’s crazy! I will give my life if I don’t get you. But I can promise! If you love me I will be with you forever.

If you choose me out of thousands, Then I promised, I will never let you get lost in the millions of people.

Self-love captions for Instagram 2021

Don’t say things you can’t keep. Don’t try to get him Which you will never find. There are so many friends in the world, But keep a friend without whom you can’t smile.


I understood it after seeing you. That I fell in love with a lot. Now, where do I go leaving you? I am now after the barrier in the arms of your love.

I speak in my mind, When will you come. The heart says you will come When I’ll see a night dream.

The river has found an estuary. All the unknown is known to him today. Today you and I are alone in solitude. We will fill our minds with stories and sweet words. The heart finds direction through your fullness. The dumb mind found the language of love.

I will spread around you like perfume. I will fill your heart with joy, Try to feel it once, Even if it is far away I will come to your notice.

Don’t be upset that I’m far away. You and I will meet, then will be some new conversations. You will be staring at me, Then love will begin, Yours and mine.

When I see a distant star. I think it’s the star in your eyes. And then I lost my way. Sweet smile with naughty eyes. I think it was magic. Everywhere I look I see that in you. So did love come to mind.

My soul trembles Seeing that look of yours. What do I do now, I’ve never seen such magic. What did a feeling begin? I don’t understand! Then what will burn? The light of love in mind.

Love Yourself WhatsApp Quotes 

Alas, my day is not passing. I get upset thinking about you. I didn’t understand before that the touch of love is so honeyed. I’ll introduce you again and again.

I got new hope today. Got the love new a language, You came into my life, All despair is gone.
Whenever I see you, I think you are very familiar. Love is like that. was unknown to me.

“When spring arrives, Nature took on new forms. Nature became full of colors in the song of the birds of the forest. And that color paints the human mind. Unknown excitement begins in the heart.
Like flowers and birds, the anxiety of desire begins in the human mind. The anxious mind wants to get the first touch of an unknown lover. And then the melody of the flute of love sounded deep in the heart,”

Best self-love quotes ever

  • May my friendship with you be more intense. We will walk together, no matter how deep the path. We will always live in harmony between sorrow and happiness. We will build a home in a world of love for each other.
  • However, love and friendship are not the same things. Yet I want to love you so much. The smell of fragrant flowers spread. In this rainy wet festival of life,
  • Came back again that sweet moment. Your memory will remain the feeling of my life. Let the time pass as time goes by. You will remain in the courtyard of my mind that day.
  • I will be by your side in a thousand storms.No matter how far I am. I will run to you.
  • If you want a sky. I will give you the stars that fill the sky. I will be buying it for you. Golden afternoon at the end of the day.

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